Problem with Shockwave Flash Plug-in

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How do I fix this problem if I got an error in Shockwave Flash Plug-in whenever I try to watch a video? I have just upgraded my PC which runs Ubuntu 32-bit with 2GB ram and 2GB swap. I’ll tell you the details of what exactly the error message says. When I tried to open a video file at Google Chrome, Shockwave crashes and an error message pops up reporting an error version 9.0.597.94 (73967). The message looks like this:

                  [1234:1234:1234567890:FATAL:base/] out of memory.

I have tried using Midori and Firefox and it seems like flash player works properly there. I need an advice for this please.

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Problem with Shockwave Flash Plug-in


It is clearly stated in their forums that the chromium have had issues with the shockware in the ubuntu. They have also released an updated version of shockware to remove this error but unfortunately it is still there for some users.

so first thing you must do is to update your Chrome and the shockware both from a reliable source, preferably from their official websites and install it.

Once done, update the adobe flash player too on your computer.

Also see in the Task manager that how much ram is being used by the Chrome during this crash or by the whole computer.

download the necessary updates for ubuntu and install them.

The last thing to do is to leave using chrome and switch to Firefox for ever.

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