Best software to create 3D face

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Hello Guys,

I am using Windows 7 and need to know the best software to create 3D face that will work with my OS. I need suggestion from Techyv users, who have already used the software, Please do the needful for giving the suggestion along with the features.


Anthony D Renda

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Best software to create 3D face


Hi Anthony,
The best software to create 3D face on Windows 7 OS is 'Facial Studio'.
The features of Facial Studio are as follows:
1) It provides FBX file format support which can export head and its shapes to the 3D application
2) The head deformers control the nose, mouth, eyes, ears, cheeks, neck, eyebrows, chin, tongue and teeth
3) The head generators controls over the gender, race, age
4) Low, medium, and high resolution are optimized to be used with the subdivision surfaces
5) It provides with full range of expressions and phonemes
6) It allows to reproduce heads from photos or drawings in minutes
7) The customizable generators gives the freedom to tweak every aspect of the image
8) It includes more than 50 texture maps
9) It has multiple camera and lights for maximum flexibility
10) It allows to create images of any heads without quitting the Facial Studio

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Best software to create 3D face



The best software yet to create 3D faces is FaceGen. Worldwide popular companies like Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Electronic Arts, Paramount and more licensed this software for use.

Features –

  • Build highly realistic faces randomly from race, gender, color.
  • You can easily create face from photos
  • Easily edit faces by dragging and clicking
  • Flexible import options
  • There are more than 150 parametric controls for editing.
  • Easily export to 3D studio Maya ASCII, Lightwave, Wavefront OBJ and more
  • Export texture maps to JPEG, BMP, TGA or TIFF

So visit FaceGen's official website and purchase it.

Hope it helps!

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