The best programming language to use in Windows OS

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Which one would you prefer to use? JAVA vs VB versus C++. Which one is the best? What are the data types that can be handled by these languages? What are the similarities of the three? What are the best features of each? If you will make application software with interfacing, which one is the best? Which one is the best with security features? Which one eats a lot of hard disk space? What are the system requirements for each?


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The best programming language to use in Windows OS


Hello Any!

As an expert I would rather suggest asking which one is comfortable for you to use?

Let’s start with the data types. All of these three (JAVA, VB, C++), handles all the same data types.

Here are their similarities in Data Types

1. Integer (Numerical Values of numbers or sets of numbers), character (Strings/Symbols), Boolean, Date (any format), Binary, Float and Currency (any type of currency).

In commands/declarations (commonly known as sentences in human language) they have almost same composition.

Here is the example.

1. VB


                sum = A + B

2. C++

                cout << “Hello”;

                sum = A + B

3. Java


                Sum = A + B;

See that C++ and Java have the same ending clause using “;”. In VB it is not using that ending clause for simplification. This “;” symbol indicates “end of line/declaration.” In mathematical/arithmetic operation they all have same process. The only difference in human language we calculate math equations by “A+B = C” in computer languages it is the reciprocal of it “C=A+B”.

Java has the best security feature because it doesn’t uses memory addresser or “pointer.” Pointer are commonly known special characters like “&”, “%”, “ñ”. C++ uses this all the time. Adding security or password access in your programs will make your programs more reliable and avoid system breach. On the other hand VB holds the most hard disk space in development. Since VB using GUI and most of the declaration are always associated with graphics it consumes more space in executable. JAVA and C++ conserves more than VB. For me the best language to use in system will be C++ because it lessens the usage of memory and graphics. C++ is the commonly used language to create add-ons or common software.

We go now to system requirements. Since VB is the heaviest and biggest space consuming in our system let’s use it as basis for all. So we can make it sure that JAVA and C++ will work with your computer since it ask for lesser requirements than VB.

1. Operating System- Windows 7, 8 (64-bit, 32-bit)

2. Processor – 1.6 GHz or faster processor

3. Memory – 2 GB of RAM

4. HDD – 600 MB of available hard disk space

5. Direct X – version 9 and up


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