Best photo viewer with slide show

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I wonder what the best photo viewer with slide show is.

I am using the default viewer in Windows but I am not satisfied with it. What is the alternative viewer that has slide show in it?

Can you please tell me where to download it?

Thanks a lot.

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Best photo viewer with slide show


Hi Lynn sinky,

I’ve give you the top 5 best Image viewer so you can choose and use it for your images.


There are top 5 photo viewer they are XnView this kind of viewer this is user friendly you can view your image convert and crop the image you can edit, rotate also resize, then you can easily import image in any graphic file formats and you can see all details of your photo or images easily. This kind of converter is an in-built image converter.

By using this viewer you can crop the image (.jpg) support, you can adjust brightness and contrast can modified number of colors you can also use this for slide show effects and many more. this link you download it for free

Wildbit Viewer this kind of viewer is so useful when you have a huge database of photo to view. You can display your Image files slide show and editor. This viewer can support Photoshop file info from JPEG and TIFF. This Wildbit can give photo or image information of EXIF Meta data JPEG and also TIFF support. this link is for download it is for free

Faststone Image Viewer this is also a user-friendly. You can edit or remove the red-eye, resizing, retouch and also color adjustments. This is a high quality magnifier 150+ transitional effects of musical slide show. This can support major graphic formats JPEG 2000, animated and also popular digital camera and many more. for free download

KuViewer this viewer can allow you to browse and manage files. You don’t need to install this viewer this required app in zip executable then executes the code after downloading. This app is so easily to use. The feature of viewer you can delete, copy and renaming files and folders too. Can recognize Exif metadata. for more details and downloads

IrfanView is you use this viewer for Windows 9x. ME, NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 and Windows 7 also in Vista

You can optimize, convert the image and you can create slide shows also play movies and sounds also. Simple and fast image viewer link for download this is for free.

Hopefully it gives you help.

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Best photo viewer with slide show


Hello Lynn!

I have the best photo viewer in generation for you. Millions are fans of this photo viewer, his name is Picasa, version Picasa 3.9. is newest. What is great with this viewer? He had much tools, and they can do your life much easier. You can editing so much effects in photos, like Duo-tone or Vignette. 

Here is a link for download, download by just one click:



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Best photo viewer with slide show


Hi Lynn,

You have a lot of choices for having a nice photo viewer actually.

Just go to and key in "top 10 photo viewer + free download" in the search bar.

You will get a lot of results from there and you can  start looking for the good one for you.

Hope it helps.

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