The best five chat apps next to yahoo

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What are the best fives chat application after Yahoo? Do you think between these five applications there is an app that is even better than Yahoo and why do you say so?? Do these five applications have common features as compared to yahoo? I am nine years of age and a student of Jackson Educational Complex in one of the West African countries. Please can someone help me answer these questions?

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The best five chat apps next to yahoo



There are different chat applications for each platform. For example, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. uses different chatting application that allow users to connect to their server directly from the small software and have the chatting and other features available, without opening the browser.

There are many chatting applications. If you have an account on Yahoo, you should use Yahoo! Messenger. If you’re on Gmail, then use Google Hangouts.

Also, there are several chatting apps that allows one to be logged in from one software to different websites and use their chatting feature easily. Digsby is quite a good application that supports many chatting networks including Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber from one single panel. Download Digsby.

Pidgin is also another superb chatting program, allowed to be connected with AIM, XAMPP, Yahoo, Google Talk, IRC, MSN and much more. Get Pidgin.

Trillian is super cool for such purpose. It supports lots of popular chat networks, so nothing to worry here. Get Trillian.

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