Benefits of Updating Mother Board BIOS

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Hello everyone,

Can any tell me what are the benefits of updating Motherboard BIOS? If the BIOS updated fails what should i do?


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Benefits of Updating Mother Board BIOS


The benefits of updating your Motherboard BIOS would be improved stability, reduction in boot time, fix system glitches and you can also add more features. CPU and memory can also be adjusted, plus you can turn hardware devices on and off.  But before you upgrade your computer's BIOS, it is important that you know the motherboard and BIOS name, including their version number.

Setting incorrect details could lock up or even more harm your hardware. It is therefore recommended that you have a back  up stored on your hard drive before you make the update.

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Benefits of Updating Mother Board BIOS



I suggest you to take a back up of your computer before you update your motherboard BIOS.

> If your computer is working fine enough, you don’t have to perform a BIOS update.

> If you wish to update it anyway, you should know the correct versions and the BIOS name.

> Make sure you are not downgrading your BIOS.

> When you update your BIOS, your computer can offer more efficiency.

> It can reduce boot time.

Before you update, please make sure you have the above instructions in mind and make sure to perform a back up.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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Benefits of Updating Mother Board BIOS


Updating the BIOS or the Basic Input Output System of the computer is reasonably easy once you learned how the program lets your computer work. Before the actual loading of the operating system, it is the BIOS that first initializes and detects different chips, triggers the boot program, and executes a Power-On Self-Test or POST.

It works on a series of beep codes to report the status of the POST and warn you in case there are components failing. There are benefits to updating the BIOS of the computer. Updating and customizing the BIOS can enhance stability, lessen the boot time, add new features, and repair system faults.

You will also notice a sudden change once you updated your BIOS. Like in my case, I am originally running my old Dell SFF computer with only a Pentium 4 1.8 GHz processor. It’s so slow and doesn’t even feature Hyper Threading that’s why I upgraded it to a much faster processor, Pentium 4 3.06 GHz with Hyper Threading.


This is probably the last and the fastest processor that my computer can accept because a little higher throws up a thermal error. When its BIOS haven’t upgraded yet, the boot screen doesn’t display anything besides the “DELL” logo and some other stuffs. But after upgrading the BIOS, it now displays the Intel logo on the side showing also the activated feature of the processor, Hyper Threading.

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