Where can I find some BIOS updates for this motherboard

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I Installed Windows 7 to my new motherboard at first it installed okay but after I shut down and re-start my computer there’s an error appears and I checked it in BIOS.

And also Windows 7 can’t find the hard drive to boot from eventually. I also tried to run my motherboard from a CD but the installation still error because of the compatibility of the Windows 7.

How can I get some updates from a 3rd party site and which ones are legitimate and trustworthy? What would be the solution if the BIOS update wouldn't fix my problem?

And where can I find some BIOS updates for this motherboard and from the manufacturer? Do I need to search for 'Win sonic' or 'ECS'? I really need a help from experienced and have a knowledge of a hardware.

Here’s the following of my motherboard info:

  • Manufacturer: WINSONIC
  • Model: WS10201 ver. 1.0A
  • Vendor: Elite group (ECS)
  • Version: ECS
  • Chipset: 82945G/GZ/P/PL (Intel)
  • BIOS model: AMIBIOS080012 (American Megatrends)
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Where can I find some BIOS updates for this motherboard


If the error is being caused by compatibility issues as you noted that when you tried to run the windows 7 installation CD, then it means that the computer that you are using has been designed to work well with other versions of windows, which I strongly think should be the windows XP and the previous versions.

For that matter therefore, I do not think that doing a BIOS update will help much because there will be still compatibility problems.

What I will suggest that you do is get the right version of the windows operating system and then install it on your computer to replace the windows 7 that you have on right now.

Mathew Stone.

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