Difference between Onboard and separated motherboard

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Any one please tell me what is the difference of the On board Motherboards and Separated Motherboards. And what is the better for play big games? On board or Separated?Please someone give an answer for this.

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Difference between Onboard and separated motherboard


I assume you are referring to the graphics hardware as being "onboard" and "discrete"?

Onboard graphics means the video hardware is integrated on your motherboard.  Onboard graphics is usually made to lessen the cost of buying a new system since you don't have to pay for a separate graphics card.  Below are the advantages of onboard video over discrete video:

  1. It is cheaper compared to buying a motherboard and a separate graphics card.
  2. It consumes less power,
  3. Some onboard graphics perform well enough to play the latest games but on the lowest settings only.

The 2 reasons above makes it more cost-effective especially if the computer is going to be used for simple tasks such as web browsing, office work (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) and some light games.  One disadvantage though is it usually shares memory from your system RAM and its performance is lower than a discrete graphics card.  Another problem is if the onboard video is somehow damaged, it might damage the board also.

A discrete video card on the other hand is:

  1. More powerful than an onboard video card which makes it suitable for use in applications that require high graphics output such as 3D games.
  2. Some applications that use the GPU (graphics processing unit) to accelerate certain tasks (such as video encoding)  benefit from discrete video cards.

So, to answer your question, a discrete graphics card is better suited for high-end 3D games.

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Difference between Onboard and separated motherboard


The on board motherboard is an integrated chipset. It contains built-in AGP and all other function. It is all about sharing the parts of motherboard. Every parts share its power and working procedure with each other. So they all are dependable to one another. But separated motherboard has many single devices for run it such as AGP. This is the difference between them.

Separated motherboard is the best option to play games. The devices are separated here. So that we can change its configuration anytime by adding some high performance devices such as AGP to run big games.  It’s a better option for playing big games.

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