Definition, function and types of buses

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What are computer buses and what are the functions of computer buses and its types?

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Definition, function and types of buses


Good Day Madoona,

Computer buses is very essential because it connects internal components of computer to the motherboard and it acts as expansion slot.

Types of Computer Buses;
1. Processor Bus – used to connect CPU or it is the location where CPU seated.
2. Memory Bus – also known as memory slots and it is the location where you connect the memory.
3. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) – used as expansion slot for USB card, LAN card, RAID controller, and VGA card.
4. AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) – used for VGA card
5. PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) – used for VGA card.


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Definition, function and types of buses


Hi madoona,

 A computer bus that carries different types of data from one to the other and also controls the signals from one unit to the other .

Types of buses :

  1. Address bus : It is a unidirectional pathway which carries the address generated by processor  to memory and input/output components . In address bus we have address bus size, addressing capacity , address codes.
  2. Data bus : It is bi-directional in nature .Data flows along the data bus from processor to memory during the writing operation.
  3. Control bus : It carries the timing and signal to co-ordinate activities of entire system .Types of control signals
  • System clock (sysclk)
  • Read/write line (R/W LINE )
  • Memory read (MEMR)
  • Memory write (MEMW)
  • I/O read (IOR)
  • I/O write (IOW)

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