Avoiding Spyware attacks on your computer

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Since we can not see the spyware on our computers, is there any possible way to detect it and delete it manually?

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Avoiding Spyware attacks on your computer


To prevent Spyware on your computer:

  • Uninstall any file sharing software you have on your system
  • Have the latest operating system patches and its security updates
  • Avoid installing unknown software
  • Do not click on any suspicious links
  • Update your spyware detection and removal programs

To detect and remove Spyware on your computer you must download any detection and removal tools on your system.

There are several of them that you could choose from like Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Yahoo!

Toolbar with Anti-Spy.

You may go to THIS LINK  for further reference regarding these downloadable programs.

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Avoiding Spyware attacks on your computer


No, there is no such manual way to detect and delete spyware's from computer.

You must need an anti spyware software to get rid of spyware's.

My choice to remove spyware's from my computer is Microsoft Security Essentials.

Because it provides protection against virus, malware and spyware. It is one of top best spyware used now a days.

It is free to download and provides free updates, then only requirement for this is you must have genuine/registered windows.

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Avoiding Spyware attacks on your computer


Without using an antivirus there is really no way of detecting and deleting a spyware manually. Your computer should be running with an antivirus to monitor all program activities within the system as well as the USB flash drive you insert on the USB port. Everything is really monitored. There is a way of deleting the spyware doing it manually but the whole process still needs the assistance of an antivirus.

One good way of protecting and avoiding your computer from getting infected by viruses and spyware is to practice a regular virus scanning on your computer. Every week or every end of the week run a quick scan on your computer. And at the end of each month run a full system scan on your entire hard drive.

This is the habit I’m practicing on my computer to make it more secure. The most common type of virus that infects a computer is a worm. Its favorite target spot is the storage folder of the System Restore which is located in the root of every drive in the folder named “System Volume Information”. You can see this folder when the option “Show hidden files and folders” is selected in the Folder Options of Windows Explorer. See image.

If you really are patient and want to rack yourself up by manually removing the spyware,

Visit How to Remove Spyware Manually Windows

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