Avid EDL Manager error message

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My trouble is this: while operating in EDL manager (Avid DS 10.3.1) I got the following error message:

Avid EDL Manager

A serious progrem error ties occurred.

Restarting the application Is recommended.

If you need further assistance record the following

informetion and cell Avid Customer Support:

Error: Assertion failed (from_event) —0

File: /Snepshets/releng.relengi Mel 4_1221705213/vobs/ppg/MCTop/ProjectFlIes/..LIEDL_Mgr/CDLSore/edlDecompose.c, LIne: 1794


I have tried all the options and nothing seems to make it go away. I have never had a problem like it on my Mac before so I would be very grateful for any kind of support.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Avid EDL Manager error message



Dear Ms.Deborah,


If you find the above mentioned error in EDL means the EDL may crash or forced to close the application or it may leave the incomplete list of EDL.


The solution for this is

1. Click the Continue button which is shown in the error message and go to Windows menu.

2. In Windows menu you can find the Console option, click that.

3. Please look at the time code information where you find the error is occurring, either in motion or in advanced effects.

4. You have to go to the timeline and these effects to be removed which is shown in the console.

5. After that reload the Edit in EDL manager.


Hope this will resolve your query.

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Avid EDL Manager error message


The first workaround that I will recommend for you is to trash the settings files that are inside the EDL manager folder, because they may be broken and therefore affecting the execution of the application. The application may also be having compatibility problems, and therefore you will need to check the system requirements of the windows operating system that you are using, whether it requires a 64 bit application or a 32 bit application. Once you have checked that, you will need to go to the internet and download an application that meets those requirements and use it for installation and see if it is going to work.

-Clair Charles


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