Automatically synchronize my files on win7

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Hello everyone,

I have two computers: a desktop and a laptop, both on Windows 7. I have passions for music and photography. So, I sometimes store my photos in a new computer but not another. For music: when I have a new album of an artist, I stuck in a PC and not the other.

I am looking for software that would automatically synchronize my files (media) between two computers, so that I can find the same content in them all the time.

For information, my 2 computers are on the same network in the house.

Do you have any names of software with this function, please offer me?

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Automatically synchronize my files on win7


Hi Bob Dives,

Use FNFSync Alpha. Download the software from this location

Then install the software to your PC (Say PC-1). Make sure the networks between your 2 Computers are working properly. Then share a folder in your PC-2 with full control, change and read permission. (Refer below image how doing it).

Install the software to your PC FNFSync Alpha Advanced Sharing Share Permission for a Laptop

Now go to PC-1 again and open FNFSync Alpha software. Then specify PC-2’s folder and PC-1’s location to be synchronized.

FNFSync Alpha software

Check other settings in the Software and change as you want.

Then click on the Start Synchronization button and everything is done.


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Automatically synchronize my files on win7


Hello Bob Dives.

Just to give you another option on what software to use, you could also try FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync Visual folder comparison and synchronization

FreeFileSync Synchronize Files and Folders

Just make sure both computers have shared folders and that both computers have full access to each other's shared folders. FreeFileSync has another option aside from Mirroring (both folders will have the same content) which is an update.

With Update, new files on the source drive will be copied to the destination drive but deleted files on the source drive will not be deleted on the destination drive. This, in my opinion, is safer than Mirroring because you might suddenly need a file on one computer which the other computer does not have.

FreeFileSync is a stable release and has been so for several years already. 

This gives you the assurance that it does not have critical bugs that could potentially cause you problems in synchronizing your files.

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