How can I use Voice recognition system in My PC??

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I am using Windows 7 and I need a security system for my PC as I want to keep my things pretty private, so how can I do it? I use Windows 7 ultimate version. Is there any built in software to give that much security for me? I have heard about voice recognition system but can I use it in Windows 7? If I can, then how can I implement this system into my PC or is there any other system in Windows to implement it?

Voice recognition is a secure way to keep things secure in a PC. It helps to keep the computer private as I need to keep my things safe and secure. I want to implement this system. I have no idea how it works and how it can be implemented on my system. So I need a complete answer on how to find a proper software and how I can implement it, in to the system. So anyone who knows about it, please help me. I need a quality and clear answer. Good luck to everyone.

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How can I use Voice recognition system in My PC??


Hi Wen10,

Speech Recognition on Windows 7 is a feature designed to allow user interaction on the desktop as a substitute for the keyboard and mouse. As we all know by now, the keyboard allows users to enter commands that are executed, and the mouse points the user to a grid location where a specific command is associated with said position. Speech differs from both methods as it uses words to trigger commands that are not based on location.

  • To activate Voice Recognition on your Windows 7 machine, just follow these simple steps.

We need to train the voice recognition software as a primary requirement since voice has many variations a keyboard and mouse does not have. Primary factors such as noise prevent proper calibration so make sure to get a proper and working microphone that shields external noise from being recorded as input.

Let’s create a Voice Profile in training the computer to use our voice, allowing the machine to identify the speaker as the one giving out the command. Click on “Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access>Speech Recognition”, and click on “Take Speech Tutorial”.

In setting up Speech Recognition, one must remember to speak clearly and audibly, pronouncing words in a normal way (not too fast or not too slow), so as to have the computer execute commands properly and not be confused. The following categories exist for Speech Recognition:

Support for eight languages namely English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

“How do I” help that lists possible answers for “how do I” questions

“Correction” tries to automatically fix certain mispronounced words by selecting alternatives.

“Dictation” allows users to create emails or documents by dictation, or to save them for later sending and further editing.

“Adaptation” makes the computer adapt and learn certain speaking styles and accents, improving interaction.

“Command” allows users to simply execute specific applications by commands, such as opening, saving and deleting documents.

“Disambiguation” words and phrases of an ambiguous nature which are misinterpreted can be clarified with a user interface.

View this Microsoft demo here.

NOTE: The Speech Recognition features are not for security. They are accessibility features for the disabled and impaired, not for logging in. Besides, you have to login first to be able to use speech recognition. Facial and biometric finger scanners are login alternatives you can use which are safe security-wise, and cannot be tampered with. Voice can be edited and altered by software and hardware to spoof logins if they are ever implemented.

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How can I use Voice recognition system in My PC??


Hi Wen10,

You can set up your voice recognition system in windows 7 quite simply. Start > Control Panel>Ease of Access>Speech Recognition. You can start your speech recognition system by clicking on Start Speech Recognition but it is recommended if you are a new user then first go through Tutorial and Training and then you are ready to use Voice Recognition system.

You can also change user settings with the help of Advanced speech options.


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