Autodesk Simulation 2013 ‘Loads from File’ Error

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I am attempting to run a linear static stress analysis in Simulation 2013 for several load cases, which was before now accomplished fruitfully in Algor 2011.

Although adding loads to the model through the "Loads from file" option, I exercised the similar ASCII outcomes file (.xyz) that was effectively exercised with Algor 2011. On the other hand Autodesk Simulation 2013 gives me with an error message, which I am unable to examine how to troubleshoot. The error message you can see in the above attached image.


Error No. 13

Error description: Type mismatch

Error source: analyzer

Line Number: 110

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Autodesk Simulation 2013 ‘Loads from File’ Error



Dear user,
If you are using the .XYZ format, then leave it and try the .NOD format. I am sure that it will work for you. The format as follows:
node number
type of load (21 for nodal force)
X component of the load
Y component of the load
Z component of the load
load case number
property ID (usually 0)
Hope this will help you.
Thank you.

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