Appointment and task schedule changes with change in time zone

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Every time I change time zones, the appointments and tasks that I have already set-up also changes. One example is my daily regular task to take my medicine at 2 PM.

Another one is my weekly appointment by going to the gym twice a week at 5 PM. When I change the time zone, all of a sudden, the times that I set for my medicine and workout at gym adjust as well and fall in the middle of the night, which is not making any sense.

I want to set specific times for my tasks and appointments in such a way that the times that I’ll set will not be adjusted when I choose another time zone.

Is that possible? If it is, can you please tell me how?

Thank you so much for the help.

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Appointment and task schedule changes with change in time zone


Hello Caroline,

Since you have not mentioned whether you changed Timezone on your Desktop, iPhone, Tabular device or Laptop, i assume you are using a Windows OS on a Desktop. The solution i am presenting should work on most of these however. When you change the time zone of a device, it influences all your schedules and tasks consequently.

What you can do to prevent it is to add additional clocks to your Windows 7 system. This way you can have two clocks and you can retain your original time zone on your system. You can do that by going to Control Panel and then Date and Time.

Scroll to Additional Clocks and add the Timezone you want to add. After applying the changes by clicking on Apply button you can take your mouse pointer to the bottom right on the time button and you can see a notification window showing both clocks. Now you have both time zones without affecting your schedules and tasks.

Hope that was helpful.


Show additional Clocks

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