Apple vs Android (Help me choose?)?

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I am looking for a Smartphone device that I can use to access my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Accounts. I also want one from which I can watch my favorite YouTube videos and can listen to my favorite songs. I am thinking of buying an iPhone 5S or a Samsung Galaxy S5 but I am getting confused on which of the two will work best for my needs. Can you help me choose?



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Apple vs Android (Help me choose?)?



Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both are great mobile OS that offers great performance and better experience. All you’re willing to have is already present on both platform. However, it’s your choice to decide which one to utilize.

Android is said to be the best operating system for smartphones. It has got trillions of apps on its App Store, so anyone can easily get his favorite app on hand easily. It’s open-source and based on Linux, and more portable than any other OS.

iOS is also a great one but lacks some features than Android. It’s not open-source, you need to have an Apple ID to install any app. Though it looks great, the core system isn’t so great. Apps are not let to work as free as they do in Android.

I recommend to have Android device as it’s more powerful and better than iOS and all the features you’ve wanted is easily available.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is recommended as it offers great hardware and system configuration for best performance for gaming, working, everything.

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Apple vs Android (Help me choose?)?


SPECIFICATIONS FOR IPhone 5S                              

WEIGHT                   :    112 g                                                   

OS                           :    IOS 7 

Display Size               :  4.0 inches                                     

Colors Available          :   Black/White/gold                                         

Camera Back/Front      :  8MP Dual LED/1.2 MP                                      

PRICE                        :        690 $                                                           


WEIGHT                    :             130 g

Display Size               :         4.9 inches

Colors Available         :      White Frost /Black Mist

Camera Back/Front    :    13 MP Dual shot/2.1 MP

PRICE                       :       480$                                                                                     

With the help of this comparison you can say that Galaxy S4 is way ahead of IPHONE 5s not only in specifications but also in functionalities.


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Apple vs Android (Help me choose?)?


Hi Mark E Ward 

There is another Techyv post which one will be also helpful for you. Pay a visit to get more information.

Android vs iPhone tech query

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