Deactivation of phone after upgrading iPhone 3GS to iO S 5

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Hi I have an iPhone 3Gs which is locked, so I unlocked it by upgrading it to BB 6.15.0 and unlocking is done with the help of the official carrier,

Also the confirmation mail for the unlocking was sent by them, the problem is, I am sure that it was unlocked cause I upgraded it to IOS 5, but right now I am not able to perform the activation of my iPhone and I am unable to work with any sim except AT&T the official carrier.

It’s of no use now as I don’t want to use it with a AT&T sim so I’d appreciate any solution that will help to solve this problem and for it to be unlocked and all Sims accepted.

Thank You.

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Deactivation of phone after upgrading iPhone 3GS to iO S 5


Hi Kathy,

Seems to be a very simple issue that you are facing, from what I see is that your phone is locked to AT&T service and will not accept any other carrier, which is because the service provider has locked the phone for the same.

What we have to do here is, we have to unlock the phone to all the carriers so that the entire service providers chip will work on your phone without any problem.

So here is what I want you to do, please do follow all the instructions in detail and make sure you get it right the first time.

Please make sure you are taking good care to proceed with all the instructions, any false move could turn your phone into a ordinary paper weight.  I cannot be responsible for any malfunction.

1. First please make sure that your phone is fully charged.

2. Make sure your software is updated to iPhone 2.2 OS, this can be done through ITunes. Also make sure that you do not use Pwnage tool or any other jailbreak utility to update the software.

3. If you already have 2.2 OS installed you can forget step 2 and move on to step 4.

4. In case your iPhone is already running a jailbroken version of 2.2 OS then please Restore your phone through ITunes.

5. If you have the base OS on your iPhone 3GS then you can skip step 4 and move on to step 6.

6. In order to check the version of the OS on hand navigate to settings-general-about-modem firmware, on your iPhone.

7. Now the next process is to jailbreak your iPhone, and in order to perform this please use the link,

8. Once you have jailbroken your Iphone then check the firmware version of the Iphone from the settings on the phone as in step 6.

9. Once this is complete and the phone has restarted, open Cydia or installer which is the applications that are installed during the jailbreak process. Now add the following to the list.

Add apt9 yellowsn0w com  to your Cydia “Sources” list (repository list)

Add i yellowsn0w com to your Installer “Sources” list (repository list)

Now please Search for “yellowsn0w” either from cydia or Installer

Install “yellowsn0w”

Return back to the home screen and the reboot the phone,

Finally, now you can enjoy using your unlocked IPhone that is open to all carriers and service providers.

Bell Keny.

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Deactivation of phone after upgrading iPhone 3GS to iO S 5


Hi, Kathy Ericks

I got your problem. I'm using an iPhone 4S and with iOS5 I had to recharge it every 2 days.

Since iOS 6 I need several recharge a day and my WiFi is not working anymore (Grayed out – that's another problem).

You should follow these steps

1. First Deactivate "cellular data" and deactivate 3G.

2. Then removed GPS too and SIRI and all options are deactivated.

3. After that turned off Notifications.

Finally  my phone is as useful as a Nokia from the 90's.

I hope this will definitely help you.



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