Apple software are not running in my windows 7

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I have installed some apple softwares including apple safari browser. They were working perfectly until recently. The softwares has stopped working. No matter how I try they do not seem to work I tried closing the anti-virus and then tried but it did not work either. I tried the open as an administrator command but it did not work either. Please someone tell me what to do.

John Parker

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Apple software are not running in my windows 7


Hello John!

Safari Web Browser is compatible with Windows but it is not made for Windows. What i mean is that if you want to have a smooth Safari web browsing you must a MAC OS because it is design for that operating system. On the other hand Safari is one of the slowest web browsers for Windows, making it obvious that it won't cope up to its rivals like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer 9.

My advice is to use an another web browser which cater for your needs. If you are a developer type of guy you must go with Mozilla because it has tons of plugins for developers. If you want simple smooth web browsing go with Google Chrome. You can try Internet Explorer 9 too its pretty fast too. Too bad i want to use Safari too because of it's MAC like feeling, but later i removed it because it gives me problems.

Hope i helped your question John!

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