Apple pay and Google wallet, how secure?

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How secure is Apple pay and Google wallet? With many merchants and stores accepting Apple pay and Google wallet, what should I be concerned with about using either of the two for payment? Can unauthorized transaction be performed with the two without the one using Google wallet or Apple pay knowing? How long are the data collected by the merchant stored on their server?

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Apple pay and Google wallet, how secure?


There is no such thing as a perfect program, but a program can be more secure if supplied with Human precautions.

Your primary concerns are would be:

1.   Protect your devices associated with these 2 accounts with their built-in security programs.

2.   Never share your personal account information even among family members as there are lots of reports about an unauthorized transaction made by their family member.

3.   And lastly, never store your account information that can be easily accessed, best if you can memorize all of the information.


This 2 major companies anticipated things like unauthorized transaction using Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Follow this link for their complete policy for fraud and unauthorized card purchases.

Apple Pay

Google Wallet

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