Apple iPhone Error : 0xE8000002E :

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Hi all

I have searched some newsgroups as well some sites about this error message, but I did not find any correct answer or any solve for this problem. I think it will be solved in the future 2.2 release.

Also still I am getting problems with my email system. When it makes attempt to check new mail, it never finishes the Receive or Send process, or an Error Message arise.

But one matter that I have found out; I don’t require rearranging the Network Settings every time to correct the issue; simply I am able to restart the iPhone and after that it fixes the issue.

I need a solution about this issue. Please help me to solve this.

Thanks a lot.


Some of the applications in your Tunes library were not installed on the iPhone Eric’s iPhone because one or more errors occurred

For a list of applications that could not be installed. check below.

iPhone "because an unknown error occurred": 0xE8000002E

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Apple iPhone Error : 0xE8000002E :


Try the following solution below:

1. Remove the application from the iPhone and from iTunes.

2. Sync your device.

3. Re-download the application again from iTunes. You don't need to pay again if you already purchase the application.

4. On your iPhone Applications tab, ensure that the Sync all applications is selected.

Go to this link for more information

And, be aware that you will lose the application that is already stored in your iPhone device.

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Apple iPhone Error : 0xE8000002E :



Here are some solutions that may work for you:

  • Update your applications on iTunes, after which, un-tick all your apps (or at least the apps where you’re having problems with) then sync.
  • Tick back the apps you removed earlier then sync. It should be fine now.

If it still does not work, you can do a restore on your phone.

NOTE: Only use restore as your last option

To restore:

  • Connect your phone to your computer while pressing down both the home and power button until the count of 6. This is to allow the iTunes to start the restore mode.
  • When you start to see iTunes starting the restore mode, you can remove your hold on the power button (but keep holding down the home key for 10 more seconds.
  • Your iPhone will be back to your “zero apps mode”. But iTunes, upon syncing, will restore all the apps (whether paid or free). The down side of it, is you will have to re-sync all of the data. When I say all it includes, videos, movies, music, contacts, etc. Reasons why this is the last option.

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