Problem in IPhone – Temperature Error:

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Generally it’s warm as well as there is sunshine in outside and it is one of the most horrible enemies for an iPhone.

That day I was in my car and I was on a call using the Bluetooth, and I also charging my phone via the cigarette adapter.

Suddenly the call drops. I was familiar with that signal coverage on US 101 is not greatest in all the time with respect to AT&T. However when I saw my iPhone, I found the following error on the screen: Temperature

Error: Temperature Error


iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.


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Problem in IPhone – Temperature Error:


Hello John,

It is more likely that the device is triggering a bug in the software or the phone itself is faulty phone. What I will recommend that you do therefore is that you return the phone to the store so that it can replaced for you. If you still have the warranty replacing the phone will be way easier for you.

Before you consider returning the phone you might want to try removing all the apps that you have installed on the phone first and see if that will help solve the problem. If the error message continues to come up with no apps then I you can just go ahead and return it for replacement. 



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Problem in IPhone – Temperature Error:


Thanks for your sharing, I think you iPhone got too much problem and i think there is a software to warn you to not too very much hot and it got hot and some kind of software warned you the temperature problem, Or you used more then 5 hour in talking and suddenly your mobile got hot. Try to keep some rest for your mobile and then start it again and off the phone.

If the problem still there then you can get solution it from want and support also just contract to the


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Problem in IPhone – Temperature Error:



This may happen if:

  • Your iDevice has water damage. If water has gotten in the inside of your phone and may affect circuits NOTE: This may cause some short circuits. If you think this may be the reason you should turn off your iPhone right away.
  • You may be using it / have left it in an extreme hot area like under direct sunlight, in the car, etc. Let it cool down.
  • You have used it for long hours for 3G connection or too many apps are open.
  • Overcharging    
  • There’s a great number of users to with iPhone 4 (iOS 4 and above) who experiences the same thing even if the phone is cool to touch. This may be a glitch and restarting the phone will do the trick. If still under warranty it is advisable to bring it in an Apple Store to check.

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