Aperture database is showing error

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Aperture’s database is displaying a message as shown below and this happened when I start Flip4Mac. I am a novice on computing and just started with learning about photo libraries. Any help will be appreciated.

Aperture Library First Aid

Repair Permissions: Examines your library for permission problems and repairs them. This requires Administrator access.

Repair Database: Checks for inconsistencies in your library and repairs them.

Rebuild Database: Examines and rebuilds your library. This option should be used only when repairs to the database or permissions do not address library problems.

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Aperture database is showing error


Hi Patricia,
The error is because of some issues in image library and Aperture database.The Aperture Library First aid utility will launch, provide three different repair processes you can perform.
The solution to it is:
1) Select ‘Repair Permissions’, Click ‘Repair’ button
2) Provide your Administrator credentials
3) Aperture Library First Aid will first run the repair command permissions, then launch Aperture 3
4) Quit ‘Aperture’ if it is currently open
5) Select ‘Repair Database’, Click ‘Repair’ button
6) If the problem still exists, you may need to run ‘Rebuild Database’ option
7) You need to have the back up of your system before you Rebuild Database
8) Quit ‘Aperture’ if it is currently open
9) Select ‘Rebuild Database’, Click ‘Repair’ button
10) After some time, the ‘Aperture’ will work

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