Any help for the best way to eliminate autorun.inf

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Recently, after our class I decided to copy the files from my teacher's PC to my USB Flash Disk. 

When I opened it in my laptop, I noticed that there is an additional file in my USB Flash disk.

Is this a virus? It also duplicated also in my primary hdd of my laptop. 

Is there a way to delete or eliminate this file?

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Any help for the best way to eliminate autorun.inf


Hi dear,

All autorun.inf is not virus. Generally autorun.inf used to play external devices automatically. But there is a virus named autorun.inf. Just try to remember is that file was there before or it came after connect that USB with your teacher's PC.

If it came after that then it’s a virus. In this case you must use better antivirus software.  If you are using antivirus program then remove this first and then restart your computer. After that use a cleaner such as cc cleaner, smart cleaner etc and restart again. Then install a new updated antivirus. You may use Kasper sky or Norton smart security. This antivirus works better then others. You must install this antivirus from other source not from your hard disk backup. Then perform a complete scan.

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Any help for the best way to eliminate autorun.inf


Auto run may fail to be eliminated by the antivirus problem but there are other ways too remove it.

To solve your problem please follow the following procedure:

Open command prompt. Press windows logo + R, on the run box type “cmd” press enter

Type "cd" and press enter to get to the root directory of c:.

Type "attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf" and press enter.

Type "del autorun.inf" and press enter.

Repeat the same process with other drives, type "d:" and do the same thing. then next "e:".and restart your computer.

Restart your computer and it's done.

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