Antivirus for sdhc card file recovery

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Why people use Avira Antivirus to scan sdhc card for file recovery?

My card is still not responding after scanning.

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Antivirus for sdhc card file recovery



Avira is an effective antivirus software. It has some technical issues though. These are being rectified in the new version of Avira. The Avira anti virus does not take a long time to scan an sdhc card.

As you say that your card is not responding after scanning, it may be because your computer does not meet the basic requirements needed for the software to run. This is causing your system to hang. This occurs because the computer does not have enough memory.

So make sure you check the software whether it is compatible with your computer or not.

You could also try another anti virus tools like:

1. Norton antivirus – You can get it here

Avira is an effective antivirus software

2. Avast – You can get it here –

System is fully protected
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Antivirus for sdhc card file recovery


The Avira antivirus has nothing to do with the problem of your memory card if it was indeed not responding already.

This is a normal antivirus which scans for viruses, rootkits, and other malware on the computer and external storage media and has no capability of fixing the memory card whatsoever. It is only limited to scanning the media for possible malware.

If your SDHC card or Secure Digital High Capacity card is already not responding then it may only be corrupted.

Try to format it so you can use it again. But if the memory card has data stored in it then formatting it may not be a good idea since it will completely delete all the files.

To have a possible fix, try scanning it using a disk utility program like PC Tools Performance Toolkit or Norton Utilities perhaps.

This kind of problem can only be fixed using a repair tool and not by scanning.

You can download Norton Utilities from.

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Antivirus for sdhc card file recovery


First of all, take my heartiest thanks friends.

I also like to utilize Avira Antivirus to scan my 8GB SDHC Card for file recovery.

Just about a day ago, it became unresponsive and could not be rolled back to respond.

Here I have found the solution.

Sharath Reddy is the person who has helped me understand what to do.

Now I understand that scanning is not a good way to recover. I did a format and it works fine now. I do not think it was wise to waste time by trying to recover files with antivirus software.

I am really grateful to Sharath Reddy for his nice and intelligent comment.

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