Anonymous – Good or Bad?

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You may have heard that a group known as Anonymous has attacked a hosting company that is alleged to host links to child porn sites.

The group put the host server.

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Anonymous – Good or Bad?


Hi Kanck,

It is obvious that anybody who doesn't reveals his/her name has no good intentions.  

If he/she really wanted to be known and be recognized he/ she will not be ashamed of his/her works.

And to think It's a Child Porn sites the more we have to be aware and be conscious for your  children who might accidentally access the porn sites. 

To be sure set your computer from allowing to enter into a prohibited sites by disabling or by setting a firewall. 

These kinds of sites could also be infected by a viruses and could harm your computer.

Hope this might help you




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Anonymous – Good or Bad?


These types of intruders want to be anonymous in many ways. They don't want to get their identity exposed every time they want to get online and do some transactions. A transactions that many believed is a crime, this may in the form of child pornograny or a scam type of scheme.

No one wants to be known if the crime is committed and these so called anonymous is definitely wanting to be hidden in many reasons.

Now, especially if they are in the alleged child porn sites hosting and these are considered a crime in many countries. Their intentions are to create more money in the form of these child pornography.

The anonymous cyberpunk may be a member of the CIA or in investigative team that are looking for information and evidence to put these child porn site's administrator behind bars.

At this point, we can't get a concrete detail of who these anonymous group is. They are there for certain reasons and obviously, they want to hide their identity because it might ruin their plan, legit or not legit.

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Anonymous – Good or Bad?


Hallo Kanck,

It is possible for that to happen, because intruders come with different motives, Some come with the motive of painting a tainted image of a company or organization like in this case they will make it seem like it is the company that is hosting links to child pornography sites, others will want to steal from a company or organization, and others will just want to mess up with the organization's or companies' information.

But you can use proxy servers, strong ones, which will protect against intrusion by the cyberpunk, and ensure that every time they are up to date because day in day out those intruders will be inventing ways to bypass the proxy settings.


Lee Hung

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