Annoyed by reading the same message again and again

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i'm using thunderbird for all my inboxes. i have set up 3accounts. Sometime it doesn't mark the emails I have already read as read. Why is this? This is really annoying.

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Annoyed by reading the same message again and again



Go to options. Then click advanced>Reading and display.

Now change the “Open messages in” to “new message windows”

Go to the general tab and click on Config Editor and change to true.

You should also try to compact your message folders more regularly. Compacting is supposed to help free up space and enables you to store new messages or even prevent you from losing parts of messages. Before you compact your folders just make sure you back up. You can manually back up your files. Just follow the following instructions below.

Exit all Mozilla applications that are running on your computer. Look for the thunderbird profile folder. If you are using windows XP, Click start, then run and type in %APPDATA%

In the window that appears, choose thunderbird>profiles. Copy those profiles and save them to a secure location. The App Data folder is normally hidden so be sure to unhide all folders before you start the process. Just click start and type tools then go to folder options. Go to the view tab and select show hidden files and folders.

If you have windows 7 or vista, just type %APPDATA% in the start menu. Click on that roaming folder and look for thunderbird.

Hope this helps.

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Annoyed by reading the same message again and again


If you are also into Mozilla Thunderbird, you are probably using an old version of the email client. Try updating to the latest version, Mozilla Thunderbird 45.2.0. Or try the alternative download from FileHippo: Mozilla Thunderbird Latest. I use the FileHippo download because the Mozilla download page doesn’t allow me to download the latest version and keeps injecting the old 38.5.0 version to my download.

That’s probably because I’m still using Microsoft Windows XP. I’m not a long-time user of Mozilla Thunderbird. I’ve been using it for only several months after shifting from Microsoft Office Outlook and I’ve experienced it several times when I was still using my previous internet service. But after shifting to my new internet service provider right now, I haven’t seen that problem yet.

I guess that problem with the email message being marked as Unread though you already read it has something to do with your internet connection. What I notice is that, with my previous internet service which is very slow and always problematic, Mozilla Thunderbird frequently tends to mark the messages I’ve read as Unread.

I have to go back again to the message and spend a few more seconds before jumping on to the next one so it can be marked as Read successfully. But when I transferred to this new 4G LTE internet service, I haven’t seen that problem happen yet. So, I guess, if the problem still happens to you, you should transfer to another faster internet service.

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