An error occurred copying some or all the selected files

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I am on the process of expanding my learning on webdav, I try to setup webdav on our server as alternative ways than using FTP. I am using Windows server 2003 IIS6, that belongs to a DMZ. I created a virtual directory and pointing it to a folder at the server. The server has a lot of users with NTFS permissions, on the folder. I meet an error when I copied a new content to a folder, the error message said an error occurred while copying selected files.

An error occurred copying some or all the selected files.

As I review my setup I am capable of mapping the drives. I can  overwrite existing files, rename, delete, modify and create. I am now wondering what are the things I left behind. please help me with my concern.

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An error occurred copying some or all the selected files



I think when you were copying some files form that folder are in use even though if you did not used the any of file in folder but still your previous work will remain valid for sometime at that time if you try to copy the same file or the folder where the file is located than definitely it won't allow you to copy the file.

You can copy the filler when you are using the files or the file or folder you want to copy is in working, this best cure for this problem, try this cure and I am pity much hope your problem would be solved regarding the error you mentioned in the if

Mostly this would be the problem that I mentioned, try all things that I told you


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