Android malware scanner by Google?

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Google is providing an android malware scanner for android mobiles called Google's Bouncer.

Is it good to use that tools for my mobile and how exactly this will help me in securing my mobile?

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Android malware scanner by Google?


Hi Maggie,

Its true that Google in February released Google bouncer as a protective tool for users, but Google bouncer is actually scanning the Google play (Android Market) for malwares and removing them rather than scanning your device.

You can think of it as cleaning tool for the market so that its assured that no apps with malwares are uploaded to the market.

but the threat of having a malware remains, because you can catch a malware by downloading an APK package off the market or by surfing the internet or even from the market it self. Because usually there is evasion techniques to bypass that kind of protection.  

So my advice to you is not to depend mainly on Google's bouncer and use another malware protection APP that you can download to your phone. A great free APP is lookout security and antivirus available on the Google play, Norton antivirus and security is also another free solution you can try out.


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Android malware scanner by Google?


Hello Maggie,

Google bouncer has been designed to add a  new layer of security to Android that does not need the developers to go through a tedious approval process run by squishy humans. The cold efficiency of an automated machine is what has been used to design it.

Before it was even announced, Bouncer had been quietly running in the background for some months and a 40% drop in potentially malicious apps in the Market. After that scans are over, passing apps are published in the normal way.

The only trouble the developers may face is a few minutes of delay.



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