Are anonymous FTP sites safe to be used?

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Anonymous FTP allows you to download public files without identifying yourself. How does this work What are the credentials that you would enter when you are prompted for a password? Where can I find a list of anonymous FTP sites? Why would anyone set up an anonymous FTP site. Is there any downside to this?

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Are anonymous FTP sites safe to be used?


Yes, we can download  files without login to Anonymous File Transfer Protocol with the use of  common login (i.e ftp or anonymous) and password ( the user's email address).

Anonymous File Transfer Protocol is helpful in distribution of large number of files to different users with same login credentials without having the same.

No, Anonymous File Transfer Protocol sites are not safe to be used, because all the user having the same credentials and Network Solutions does not support Anonymous FTP.

Here are some list of a few FTP sites:-





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