After remote wakeup, computer stops responding?

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Why is our computer not responding after remote wakeup? I recently reconfigured and update some software in my workstation after work using remote wakeup, and all the update and configuration setting was properly applied. The next morning when computers were powered on, they fail to load. What could be t cause of this problem? How do I fix the problem?

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After remote wakeup, computer stops responding?


If you removed wake on LAN settings you disable your remote connection on this station. Now you have to setup new way to access the workstation as well. You can setup as new way to connect into this workstation a remote desktop connection.

To do this, you have some software who make it easy.

I recommend two programs to make this connection easily for you.

You can install VNC in workstation and in you computer to gain remote access by a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Or you can install a Teamviwer in both computers and have the same VPN.

Both software has security implementation and is easy to setup.


Anthony John

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