Data transfer rate goes up with human touch

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I have a strange problem with my desktop computer. The problem is my computer data transfer rate is too slow but while data transferring when i touch my computer with my hand the speed goes up with my touch. I can't understand what to do can anybody tell me where is the problem?

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Data transfer rate goes up with human touch


Computer's total electronics work on DC volts of about 12, Your desktop computers body will be charged, as there my be any circuit grounded with the body of computer.

So when you touch the body the charge which store in the body of  computer will be grounded so Ram and Processors of the system properly work.

Solution is simple you just have to ground the body of your computer with and small wire or and other conductor.

just twist the wire with the computer and attach it;s other end with the ground your problem will be solved. 

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Data transfer rate goes up with human touch


Hello Rbajwa,

The data transfer for your computer is slow probably because you have set the power options into the power saver mode which makes the computer perform slowly, and therefore when you touch the computer with your hand the computer switches into the high power mode which makes the performance of the computer faster and therefore increasing the speed at which it copies.

You might need to change the power options if you want to get fast copying speed to high power from the power saver which will improve the speed at which your system performs.


Mahesh Babu

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