IBM Thinkcenter cpu fan speed

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Hello Expert,

I have IBM think center desktop PC.

One day I removed the processor from motherboard to check and learn about the processor. Then it is remounted and then I tried to turn on the computer. But the computer never starts no any beep tones.

However the CPU fan RPM increased.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Thank you.

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IBM Thinkcenter cpu fan speed


Hi there,

I want to know something about you first. What kind of processor do you use in your computer? If that is a pin processor than I think there is a big chance that any one of the pins is misplaced or is not connected properly. So please remove the processor and give a good look at that and again set that in respective place.

If that is not a pin processor then please check the motherboard’s pin. Now again try to get the idea about the present situation. I hope this will help you to solve your problem.

Best regards,

Riley Weaver.

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IBM Thinkcenter cpu fan speed


Hi Chamil9912,

It would help us a lot if we know the motherboard you are using so we can check the right fan connector. Because there were issues with this Thinkcenter that the processor fan is NOT connected to the system fan.

One thing you can try checking is the fan connector if it’s connected to the system fan label. If not, then connect it properly. If you got the correct pin, might as well install a thermal sensor just to make sure that inside your CPU the temperature is not really that hot.

If still all things are normal except the fan noise running very loudly, also try one memory at a time if there will be changes because Thinkcenter PC were known to produce this problem with a bad memory.

Lastly, try to reset the CMOS battery to clear the BIOS. One user who had this issue cleared the BIOS and fixed it. There is no harm in trying since we didn’t get any response from the Engineering of ThinkCenter.

Hope this helps.

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