Advice on running .asp in Apache

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I am running my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with my Wamp Server installed on it. This server also installs Apache, MySQL and PHP. I don’t know much about PHP. But I want to learn more about, from which I know, will need IIS to run.

I never have any interactions with configuring Apache. Is there a way that I can run asp files in Apache? And also, how can I run both Apache and IIS on the same machine at the same time? Please send me some advices. 


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Advice on running .asp in Apache


Hello Elicole,

For sure you can run asp files in Apache. Once you have the Wamp or xampp server installed on your computer, you can run .asp files easily especially in Dreamweaver which you will connect to the PHP/MYSQL server in the Wamp or xampp server. You just need to create .asp files when creating your files in Dreamweaver.

You can also have both Apache and IIS running on your computer. For Apache, once you have installed xampp/wamp on your computer, you just execute and then start the Apache service. For IIS you have to turn it on using the following simple process:

  • In the blank search field at start, type ‘turn windows features on or off’ and then press enter.
  • In the box that will open, scroll down and look for Internet Information Service and expand the tab.
  • Check all the boxes under IIS, and then click OK.

Thereafter go to your browser and type the localhost.

The server will open.


Lee Hung

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Advice on running .asp in Apache


Hi Elicole,

Yes, there is a way by which ASP files can be served from Apache, however that requires installing a module named mod_aspdotnet in the Apache web server. This module will help add ASP capabilities in Apache.

Next you need to update httpd.conf and add the snippet as shown in this post (Note you may have to change some paths to reflect the locations in your PC).

Moreover, it is possible that both IIS and Apache could co-exist in the same computer and even be running at the same time.

You will need to ensure that there are no conflicting ports, for example by default both these web servers would run on port 80, so you will need to configure either of them to run on another port that is free (say port 8080).

Hope this information answers the questions you had.


Mclean Buono

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