Advertisement playing in my PC’s background

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I hear radio advertisements playing in the background of my PC.

Can't see an application as well.

How to remove this?

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Advertisement playing in my PC’s background


Hi Charmaine!

Probably there is a background application running that is why you hear those radio advertisements.
Have you tried opening your Task Manager?

In your taskbar , right click then click Open Task Manager.
Then the task manager will be displayed. Sort the tasks running , and find some audio/radio related application.

If it doesn't work find another application related to radio/audio stuff then close it. If you can't see anything radio related i bet your system is affected with some kind of malware. Update you AV (Anti-virus) then scan your local disk.

The better way to scan your PC is to kill first all the running programs.
I hope this will help you


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Advertisement playing in my PC’s background


Yes, that’s also the best thing to do. It could be a malware successfully installed on your machine. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your entire hard drive. Make sure also the folder System Volume Information is scanned by the antivirus. Most of the time, this folder is ignored and or excluded from the locations being scanned by the program.

This is the folder where Windows stores the restore history of the computer. This is the favorite spot of most worms I’ve encountered before. The folder is not displayed normally.

To make it visible, in the Folder Options of Windows Explorer select “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. If the scan returns a clean system then there is probably a program installed on your computer that your previous installations installed without you noticing it.

Check every program installed on your machine. If you can’t find an unknown software in the Add or Remove Programs applet, you can check each of the programs displayed in All Programs. There are programs that aren’t visible in the Add or Remove Programs but are displayed under All Programs.

Simply uninstall it if you can’t remember installing it before. You may also check the programs running in the background from the Windows Task Manager. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE to display the Task Manager and then check what program is constantly displaying CPU Usage. You can check it under Processes tab.

You can terminate it by selecting it and then hitting on the End Process button and then select Yes to confirm the action. After that locate the file in your computer and then uninstall it.

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