Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer

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Hi there!

I have tried downloading Adobe Flash using my Internet Explorer. The problem is I keep on getting a prompt saying that Internet Explorer should be my default browser so I can successfully download.

Can you tell me what I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer


Hello Thompson Clever,

You can just ignore that prompt that is asking you to make internet explorer the default and proceed to the downloading step. I am sure the window that has the prompt should be giving the choice whether you would like to make IE the default browser or not. So if you do want to see that window again, then just check the box that asks you if you do not want that window to be displayed again and then proceed to the download page.

Otherwise the problem could be as a result of bugs in the internet explorer browser and therefore I will advise that you try using the alternative browsers that you have on your computer.

Hope this helps.


Clair Charles

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Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer


Hi Thimpson,

When you click on the download in the internet explorer then a yellow color dialog box will be appeared below your file menu. Click on that and you will see Download file. The file will be started downloading.

  • If this problem is not resolved then you can use a Downloader like IDM. By this software you can resolve this problem. You can download this software from this link
  • If the problem occurs again then try to download your software from another site or change your browser. You can use following browsers.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Safari Featured Downloads

Best regards.

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Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer



Hi There!

It seems that Internet Explorer IE is not set as default browser. You can set the default browser by at least two options and please find below for your reference.

Option A:

(Windows 7/Vista)

1. Open IE, Tools and then Internet Options.

2. Choose ‘Programs’ and click ’Make Default’ and OK

3. Close IE.

Now Internet Explorer shall set as default.

(Windows XP)

1. Open IE.

2. Choose Tools, Internet Options and then Programs.

3. Check IE whether it is set as default.

4. Then OK. 

Start IE and when you are prompted to make it the default browser, click Yes.

Option B:

(Windows 7/Vista)

1. Go to Control Panel > Default Programs.

2. Click on Set Your Default Programs.

3. Click on Internet Explorer then click Set This Program As Default.

4. Click OK and close the window.


(Windows XP)

1. Find Control Panel > then click ‘Add/Remove Programs’

2. Click ’Set Program Access’ and ’Defaults’

3. Choose Custom

4. A list will appears.

Choose Internet Explorer.

OK. And Close.

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Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer


Hello my dear,

It is very easy to solve this problem, and it is very common. The browser will only download things if it is set to “default” in settings. If you have made Firefox your default browser and are trying to download a file on Internet Explorer, then Internet Explorer will show this error. Only Firefox will able to download it. So, simply make Internet Explorer your default browser, then try to download something. When you open Internet Explorer. It will ask you, "Do you want internet explorer as your default browser?" Just click yes and enjoy. Now, go to to download Flash Player.


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Adobe Flash cannot be downloaded using Internet Explorer


That is the default behavior of all web browsers so you can make them the default browser on your computer. Even if Microsoft Internet Explorer keeps prompting you to make it the default browser, you really don’t have to if you already have a default browser set on your computer. You can ignore the prompts or just disable it in the browser so it stops prompting you.

To disable the message, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to “Tools” then “Internet Options”. In “Internet Options” screen, select “Programs” tab. Under “Default web browser” section, uncheck “Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser” then click “OK”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer disable default browser prompt

This should disable the message that keeps asking you to make it the default web browser. Now, since you want to install the Flash Player plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer, download Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. This is the Flash Player plug-in designed to work on Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you have Mozilla Firefox, it requires the Adobe Flash Player NPAPI.

For browsers such as Google Chrome, the Opera browser, and other Chromium-based web browsers, you should install Adobe Flash Player PPAPI.

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