Blank Error Box after a power failure on Windows XP

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When I was doing my research work at home, I was struck by the many virus alerts of my anti virus software. So I decided to stop working and do some complete virus scan of my computer, but on its way in scanning a power interruption happened.

So when power was back, I started my computer, normally it will pass by safe mode since it is not shutdown properly.

After I restarted the computer from the safe mode, It was now booted normally. when windows started this error message came about.


I don't have any idea because, its just the word error that was displayed and windows will not start. please help me find a solution to my scenario.

Thanks folks.

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Blank Error Box after a power failure on Windows XP


Dear Maryfalty,

This problem that you have submitted is occurred mainly by power failure. Please connect your device to an instant power supply.
Otherwise this problem will arise again and again. For now, please do the following to solve your problem:
Reboot your computer and Go to safe mood.
If you are unsure going to Safe mood, Press F8 while rebooting your computer.
After safe mood menu appears, please do not press enter.
There is an option named Windows last good configuration.
Go to this menu and press enter.
After your windows appear, go to your printer option placed in your system tray
open it and cancel the previous printing properties.
I think your problem is solved.

Thank you

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Blank Error Box after a power failure on Windows XP



There was virus found in your computer. You said you were scanning you computer with the antivirus you had which may be scanning files in your Windows folder.

May be when you were scanning and the power cut off took place the file which was been scanned must have got corrupted or damaged which may be causing the error.

There is a solution you can try when you start your computer if you have an XP Cd insert it and just after it beeps when it is starting press F8 continuously.

Go to Dos and select the XP boot and try repairing the XP system. It works fine or you may have to re-install XP if not.

Hope this will help.


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