Admin Access to IT Auditor?

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Why does the IT Auditor asked for a domain admin access in performing different IT audits?

What is the reason behind it?

And also, can I assigned read-only an admin access opposing Windows, UNIX, etc.?



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Admin Access to IT Auditor?


Hello Smcarbado,

The IT Auditor may be asked for domain validation and identification while trying to perform the audits because the account he is using does not give him the full control of the system that he is using.

To have full control he should be logged in as the super user of the system, with all the credentials to read, write, modify and do all other functions that an administrator can perform.

It seems that the account that the IT auditor is logged in with can only allow him to perform the read operations and that is why the documents that he is viewing are in the read only format.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Admin Access to IT Auditor?


Hi Smcabardo

The IT Auditor would ask for Domain Admin Access due to security routing check-ups they have to keep track of. They need access to Null account, Regular User Account and Domain Admin Account. The Null account is where server is checked if secure, from visitors and regular users (domain users). The admin accounts check security passwords and verify updates on your server.

To insure security give these accounts expiration dates so as to close the window period to which these accounts can be accessed. Ensure a periodical change of passwords to enhance security.

 You could also have the I.T. security manager make read-only reports in screenshot/PDF format.

Kind regards

Richard Smith

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