How to get rid of Koobface Virus if I’m already infected?

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I have stupidly clicked on a link that said "Check out this video chat are you doing in it?" in a chat on Facebook. I was even forced to update my Flash Player but there was no video. This frightened me and on doing a Google search, I found out that I have been attacked by the “Koobface” virus! I want a way out of this. Please help me disinfect my PC, because the antivirus is proving useless!

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How to get rid of Koobface Virus if I’m already infected?


Koobface, like many zombie networks, allows the botmasters to instruct your PC to download and run any software of their choice and you can do nothing but watch helplessly! Once you’re infected, they could make your PC do almost anything.

In such case, it is very important that you remove all malware infections as soon as possible Any anti-virus will be able to delete the thousands of other malware samples the bot initiates. But, Koobface on the other hand, keeps running in the background, monitoring almost everything you do, all the time, which also include stealing of confidential usernames and passwords.

Special software are available online, to remove such zombie malwares. Download the trusted ones, and follow their procedures. Also, make sure you change passwords to all the on-line accounts you have accessed, almost immediately!

Keep your patches and the anti-virus updated so that you don’t get affected in the near future again, and, never download any video player software just because any particular site is offering you an update. That’s all you can do!


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