Acer Extensa only restarts, never shuts down

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Hello, I bought an Acer Extensa with Windows 7second hand for a very sweet deal. Everything seems to be in order, however, it won’t shut down on its own. When I click the shutdown button, the laptop simply restarts. Same when I click the restart button. The only way I gave to shut it down is to press the power button for a while until it does. This doesn’t seem healthy for the device. What could the problem be? Is it hardware or software?

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Acer Extensa only restarts, never shuts down



There might be some misconfiguration with the power option of the “Shut down” button.

1. From the Start menu, right-click on “Shut down” >> select “Properties”.

2. From the “Power button action” drop-down menu, select “Shut down”.

3. Click “Apply” >> “OK”.

Now, try to shut down your PC.

Update your machine’s BIOS. It’s very important to corrupted motherboard system. BIOS is the heart of a machine. If it’s corrupted, the whole machine is of no use. From the ACER page, download the appropriate drivers and BIOS updates for your notebook and deploy them.

There’s also another way to shut down your system from the Command Prompt.

1. Start Notepad.

2. Enter the following text: shutdown /s

3. Save it with the name “shutdown.bat”.

Make sure that the file extension BAT is modified perfectly. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Whenever you need to shut down your PC, you should double-click the BAT file.

If nothing works, you should try to reinstall Windows 7. Learn how to install Windows 7.

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Acer Extensa only restarts, never shuts down


That will help. But there is also another way of shutting down your computer if the shut down button doesn’t work without long pressing on the power button of your laptop. You just need to configure the Power Options in the Control Panel so that when you press once on the laptop’s power button the operating system will automatically shut down.

Click Start then go to Control Panel. Click “Performance and Maintenance” and then select Power Options. In Power Options Properties window, select Advanced tab. In “Power buttons” section under “When I press the power button on my computer”, select “Shut down” from the dropdown list and then click OK. See image.

Once this is set, you can now shut down your laptop by pressing once on the power button and it will automatically shut down your computer. You can also configure the sleep button to do the same by selecting “Shut down” under “When I press the sleep button on my computer”. Selecting “Do nothing” disables the button.

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