Unable to Add Files to My CD-RW

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I need your help guys to resolve this issue. I can’t add new files to my CD.

I have used Nero 9 to burn the CD with the multi-session open. After someday I tried to add some files to that CD but no way I can add the new files. It’s showing a message that if I burn the new files then it could damage the older files.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I have done the same process before for many times. Is this the fault of the CD or the write?

I don’t want to waste a new disk to write such small files.

Do you have any solution?

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Unable to Add Files to My CD-RW


There are two kinds of cd’s that you can use for burning your data,videos or images. The CD-R and the CD-RW, both of it are best choice for individuals who want to burn their files.

But among this two, the most popular now a days is the CD-RW because you can re-write files again and again by erasing the previous data on it. You can erase it and burn new files a hundred times before the CD-RW reach its limit.

Now, there are two ways on how you can burn data/video on your CD. The first is the normal cd burning where you can’t add another file on it because it closes the disk after burning the CD. The second way is the multi-session or multiple sessions, with this you can add one file after another, meaning you can burn another file after you have previously used it.

There are three kinds of multi-session recording. These are the disk-at-once, track-at-once, and the packet writing.

Under disk-at-once recording, it records the whole cd at one time. It records the entire content that you prepare on you hard drive from start until the whole burning process is finished. This type of multi-session recording closes the disk immediately after burning is completed. You cannot use this for multi-session recording.

The second method is the Track-at-once recording. It records one track after another, then shuts off the recording laser and wait for the next track to record. The gap between these tracks is two seconds.

You can change this gap the way you want when recording, especially for recording mp3’s or any audio to cd because some of CD-R or CD-RW drives have this kind of support that gives you an option for customizing this gap from less than a second or how long it will take. This also depends on what kind of cd-authoring software that you use then this gap issue is easy to address.

The last most common used method is the Packet writing that allows you to incrementally burn a small data to a disk. If your cd-authoring software gives you an option to save, copy or move the file, then the software that you are using is recording in a packet-writing method.

Most of the CD drives specifically the cd players or a Diskman only plays the tracks that are recorded on the first session of a CD. Meaning if you want to add more tracks to a CD then the only thing for you to do to be able to read it by your cd players is to compile first all the track and record it again using the disk-at-once format.

Now what happen to your cd is that probably it only suggest you that when you try to add more files to the cd,it may damaged the previously recorded data. If you have included a program to your cd then it may not work when you record more files to it, the program may be affected when the next burning process is perform.

The only this you can do if you don’t want to buy another cd is back up all the files in the cd by copying it to your computer temporarily and then try to use the cd again for another burning procedure and see if the previous data has been damage as your cd-authoring software tells you. If not, then you can erase the backup copy from your computer.

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Unable to Add Files to My CD-RW


Unfortunately, if you continue to add more files to the CD even after the warning you received, you might end up with a corrupt disc just like what happened to my CD long ago which I burned in multi-session also.

If you burn a CD or DVD with multi-session enabled, there should be no problem burning additional files a second or maybe a third time regardless of how much space is left. But if you continue to burn more files until the entire space is consumed maybe a fourth or a fifth time, this may corrupt the disc itself resulting to a non-readable disc.

CD-Rs and DVD-Rs (CD+R and DVD+R as well) are designed to burn once only. The disc is automatically closed after burning. To burn in multi-session, you need CD-RW or DVD-RW (CD+RW or DVD+RW also) but limit the number of times you burn files to the disc to avoid losing data.

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