About Mozilla Firefox 3.7 add-ons installation

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Hello Everyone!

I am a new user on the internet and I have some problem with my browser, which is Mozilla Firefox version 3.7. I am using Windows XP service pack 2.

Now, I cannot install add-on's for Mozilla Firefox 3.7. So, how can I add an "add-on" and from where I can collect that add-on's? And Do I have to pay for using add-on's?

So please give me the solution for this problem, on how to install this add-on's for Firefox 3.7.


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About Mozilla Firefox 3.7 add-ons installation



Add-on means something that is added after something. So like this, add-ons for Mozilla is some additional programs or may be you can call them as tools which can help you make your work more easy and reliable.
So your first question is that how you can install add-ons for Mozilla Firefox 3.7?
Right. For installing add-ons in Mozilla Firefox 3.7, you have to go into the Tools option or may be you can use keyboard shortcut that is Alt+T. Then you have to select the  add-ons option. You can use the keyboard shortcut that is Ctrl+Shift+A. Then you will get four options tab, then you will have to select the Get Add-ons.  After that,  you have to select the proper add-ons from the list that is shown to your right side. Then just select the requested add-ons.  After that it will install automatically.
Then the second one from where you will find it. You will find it in your add add-ons page.
Lastly, do you have to pay for the add-ons? Mainly, Mozilla gives these normal add-ons for free.  But when you are looking for professional add-ons,  then you may have to pay for those add-ons.
I think you got your answer. Hope that this will help you.
Thank You.
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About Mozilla Firefox 3.7 add-ons installation


Hi there!

If you want to install Add-ons in Firefox, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Go to Mozilla's Add-on site. Here(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/?sort=featured) and look for the Add-ons you want. You'll see a Add to Firefox button on the Add-on's. Just click on which add-on you would like to install and then just follow the instructions that would be prompted, to install it.
  2. Another way is to go to Tools then Add-ons in Firefox and search for add-ons there. Just choose your desired Add-ons and add them to your Firefox

Hope that helps.

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About Mozilla Firefox 3.7 add-ons installation


Hi Raajhajari!

Firefox add-ons let you add new features for customizing your browser or application on your specific category. These add-ons are listed on the Firefox website. They are created by thousands of developers and reviewed by editors before the date of release. Please note, that experimental add-ons are those add-ons that have not been reviewed and should be installed only with consideration. There are specific types of add-ons that help you customize your browser in several ways. You can choose from "Extensions" which allows you to add features for different functionality. Or you can choose from "Themes" to change the entire appearance of your Firefox browser. Choosing from "Personas" will let you add background images. Plus there are more sections and categories to choose from.

Not all add-ons work with each or every version of Firefox. Upon installing, you will see buttons that will tell you, whether the add-on is compatible or incompatible with your Firefox browser. If the add-on you are trying to install is incompatible, it is usually because your Firefox version is not updated. Or the author of that add-on has not yet updated the compatibility settings with a new version of Firefox browser. Please take note also that most add-ons are free unless the author clearly states a fee. Some authors request for a monetary contribution though.

Please take a look at these screenshots.

I hope this will help you with your installation of Firefox add-ons.

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About Mozilla Firefox 3.7 add-ons installation


Hello there!

Welcome to the world of internet browsing and I hope that you will enjoy it !

I understand that you would like to know more about Mozilla Firefox add-ons. Well, just to give you a brief description, add-ons are actually small software that make your internet browsing easier and simpler. You can actually customize your add-ons, so you can easily access the sites that you visit. However, take extra precaution when downloading add-ons. Although they are free, some might contain Malware that will affect your computer.

Malware stands for "malicious software" that could affect your internet usage and sometimes sacrifice the security of your computer because they may collect information whenever you log on to the internet.

Only download the add-ons that you need. You may choose your add-ons from this particular site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/?browse=featured. Whenever you visit a site, sometimes it would prompt you to install an add-on. If you feel that you do not need it, do not install it because it would just consume space on your computer and cause it to run slower.

You mentioned that you were unable to install add-ons. Here are possible reasons why:

  • the add-on is not compatible with your operating system or software
  • software installation is disabled (if you are not logged in as Administrator)
  • Firefox prevented you to download the software or to access the site (anti-virus issue or pop-up blocker issue)
  • Possible corruption of file or incorrect extension
  • Add-on is blocked
  • You need to download the add-on before installing it.

In order to determine the issue that is preventing you from installing the add-ons, here are things you can check:

  1. You just need to upgrade your browser, or your operating system. To check if there are newer versions of Firefox, simply go to Tools >> Options, then under "Advanced" scroll down and find "Software update" then click on the "Check now" button. Since you have the 3.7 version, your Firefox is in the latest version.
  1. To check if software installation is disabled, go to the address bar, erase everything and type in about:config then press Enter. A warning message will appear, just click on "I will be careful.." In the Filter text box, type in xpinstall.enabled. The value should be "true" otherwise software installation will be disabled.
  2. If you get the message "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software in your computer." Just look for the yellow bar near the top of your browser then click "Allow." Then try to re-install the add-on. If a pop-up blocker is enabled, just click on the yellow bar and choose "temporarily allow pop-ups for this site."
  3. If it is a possible download corruption, just go to Tools >> Options >> Privacy Tab, choose "Allow third-party cookies." You can return this to the previous setting after installing your add-on.
  4. Sometimes Mozilla also blocks some add-ons because they are potentially unsafe. Please do not try to download or install this. 
  5. Make sure you scan your computer after downloading or installing add-ons to make sure that there is no security risk or viruses. 

Hope this would help you! 🙂

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