3 devices missing in Windows XP

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I want to reinstall the windows XP operating system onto my on my desktop Dell duel core. The device manager shows that three base system devices, Ethernet controller, network controller, PCI device, sm Bus Controller, and video controller (VGA Compatible) are missing.

How can I resolve this problem or what to do fix this?

I have an internet connection, if required.


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3 devices missing in Windows XP


Good day,

Using your system device and difficulty of plugging and updating hardware is such a headache. Actually this matters develop because it has a lack of insufficient software in your system. In order to have those you mentioned of missing devices above, you need to have a software of your Dell computer.

Sometimes in window XP the system or component are manually installed. And cannot be easily updated thru internet. You just need to find the CD installer of your Dell Computer in order to fix the problem.

I highly recommend to used the WINDOWS 7. It will automatically update your driver and install the latest version of you system.

Hope that this will work with you.

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3 devices missing in Windows XP


Greetings Imran,

  • If you are having the original XP CD with you then you can find the missing drivers and devices from that. But for SMBus controller you have to check your Dell website to download that. Remember it depends on the chipset version of your PC. However you may get this from Intel website too. Video controller also has to be chosen per the chipset of your motherboard. In order to find the exact specification of your PC, visit the following link:
  • Http://www.lavalys.com/
  • Download EVEREST Ultimate Edition 2006, It should tell you exactly what driver you need for the device.
  • Once you have the essential info on hand visit the following page.
  • www.driverguide.com
  • Register for free, and you will have access to thousands of drivers. Choose the one which matches to the specs of your computer.
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3 devices missing in Windows XP


Hello Dear,

It seems that you have not installed drivers of your devices yet.
Kindly install their drivers then these devices will be in functioning mode.
To install drivers do as i direct you.
You have no need to get cd of driver.
Simply connect to the internet and visit this website.
This website provides a software called "Driver Identifier" download it and install it. It will scan your computer for drivers and after this process it will take you to drivers download page directly.
Download your drivers from that page, install it and enjoy.
It will fix your problem 100%.
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3 devices missing in Windows XP


Hello Dear,

You have not installed the drivers of these three devices, so that you are missing these devices.

Now you cannot connect to internet because your LAN Card driver is also missing as you described in question.

So please get to the CD shop and buy a CD of your computer to install the required drivers. Tell the complete model and brand of your computer to the shop keeper. He will give you a CD having all drivers.

Install this CD to your computer.

Or connect to the internet from any other computer and go to the following website.


This website contains all types of drivers of all brands and models.

Download all the drivers of your computer free from this website and install them into your computer.

Now you will be able to see your devices that were missing.


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