10 Common secrete of all antivirus.

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I used registered antivirus. Most of antivirus works properly at the beginning time. I always update. Letter they are not able to detect the file which they detect as virus at the beginning.So,I want to know minimum 10 common secrete of all antivirus which they follow or escape.

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10 Common secrete of all antivirus.


1. Most of the antivirus are just dummy antivirus software

2. Companies who provide antivirus software usually create new viruses to test vulnerability of their software.

3. Sometimes those viruses go online and make a mess among other antivirus programs

4. New updates from companies delete some of the older update, that’s why you have a problem with antivirus software.

5. There is no such thing as good free antivirus software.

6. Companies work for profit, so it would be wrong for them to have non-virus world.

7. Anti-virus software have back door to change program code.

8. Bad guys always create new viruses.

9. Good guys sometimes get paid not to do anything.

10. Remember, nothing good comes for free.

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