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Windows NT

Windows NT

I got this error every time I run my Windows NT server. 

Why this error appears every time I am running my server?

I checked and scan my system, but the error still appears.

I searched the internet, but I can’t find any site that tackles about this problem.

Please help me for this one.




Requerido Windows NT Server


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My laptop is having issues with dll library files.

I cleaned my console and scanned all the files, directories and folders and also changed the security settings.

However, there is an error that pops up whenever I try loading the Dymo Software.

What could be the issue?


Error: Could not load the DLL library

C:WINNTsystem32DYMOINST.DLL. The specified procedure could not be found.

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I am using Windows NT machine for my business purpose. I know this is quite an old OS but there are a few settings which I find very stable in Windows NT.

Everything was working fine, but from the past few days whenever I am trying to open any file or folder I keep getting this error message:

Couldn't open the file because the file was not open.

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Installed SpeQ which is a simple mathematics program  where all calculation can be entered into a sheet. We can easily add, edit or execute any type of calculations.

I have an English version of SpeQ Mathematics installed on my Microsoft Windows NT machine, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB free disk space.

I am very new to this software. I installed this software and am now trying to select a column with the same data type and other properties. I tried to create a simple database and when I am trying to create a foreign key relationship and it comes up with an error message.


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NT workstation machine not able to add to domain.

Is there a known issue or a solution anyone knows how to add a desktop to the Domain?

My domain is Windows 2003.

I just have one desktop that needs to be in this OS for a few months and have had no luck adding it to the domain.

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