Web Languages/Standards

Web Languages/Standards

Hello Experts!

Do you know any WordPress themes with forum and community support?

I want to use an existing WordPress theme for my website, but I want it to have a total support from the creator.

I don’t want to use it with so many bugs and problems, and I don’t have any experts to ask for its solution.

Please provide me the best WordPress themes that you have tried and please share your experience.

Have you encountered any problem?

We are the community be able to answer all your questions and give solutions to your problem?

Your responses will be very useful.

Thanks much,

Alex Sandara

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Hello Techyv!

Can anyone please help me convert XML to ICAL? In particular, I want to convert Grindstone XML to Google ICAL data. Do you have any idea how to solve it? If so, please give time to share your knowledge and expertise. Any advise from you will be of great help to me. Do you think I need a third party softwares in order to convert the file? Please guide me.

Thanks in advance,

Alex Baker


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Hallo good people.

I am a both a technical and creative writer who uses the internet a lot for carrying out my projects. To cut the long story short, I have changed computers due to the fact that I am not assigned a particular computer for my works. At times I find it difficult carrying out spelling and grammar checking since I do not have the spell and grammar checker installed in all the computers. Is there a free online spell and grammar check tool that I can use to avoid installation of the application?

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Hi Experts!

I want to create my own domain and I'm seeking for an expert's advice on how to create the best and unique domain name. Please tell me what are the necessary things that I need to consider in creating domain name and how will I make it unique? Where will I go to check domain title for errors and to avoid duplicates? Also, please tell us the best place to get a domain name considering the cost and the services of the webhosting domain. I will be waiting for your advice.

Thanks in advance.

Allison Ward

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Hello TechyV Friends!

I am looking for a good complex html generator which I can install in my Windows XP computer. Does anyone have experience using an html generator? Have you tried using it with complex HTML tables? If you can share your experiences and difficulties using your preferred html generator, It would be very helpful. I need your suggestions and recommendations. Anyone please help.


Alex Whisler

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I want to create a comparison table on webpage using css. I do not have much idea about the css coding. Would you please help me providing the sample code and explanation. If you provide me a tutorial on “how to make css comparison table” I will be pleased for you.


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Hello Techyv users,

I am a html programmer and always is in process of build a new website. I want to know about the best html css menu generator software for generating. I program I am using is not working as expected. I want some professional paid software.Please help me out.

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Hi. CSS is important feature of web development and every web designer knows its well. Different presentation semantics are followed by CSS. But I am facing problem as I use css3 magnifier in my web, the background disappears and all changes made to web also disrupt. It has become very difficult for me to overcome it. Any guidance to avoid it please.

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I am looking for user friendly and the best free pdf form designer tool which can be utilised to design forms on the pdf document using drag and drop method. Suggestions are most welcome.


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Hello experts,

I am currently using bandwidth checker with PHP script to measure my network speed but some times I feel that it can't give me the all the statistics which I want for example exact number of bytes transmitted, HTTP headers and also some extra info. Please suggest me some other software who have advance features and also from where I can get it?

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