Why css3 magnifier causes to disappear the background?

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Hi. CSS is important feature of web development and every web designer knows its well. Different presentation semantics are followed by CSS. But I am facing problem as I use css3 magnifier in my web, the background disappears and all changes made to web also disrupt. It has become very difficult for me to overcome it. Any guidance to avoid it please.

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Why css3 magnifier causes to disappear the background?



Hi there Smadisonny,
It would be great if you could give me a piece of the code that is generating the problem as without it I can only guess what went wrong.
The most common problem with CSS magnifier and backgrounds is that some browsers aren't reading the code correctly and are placing the piece of the code outside the body tag. To resolve the issue you will need to be more specific in defining the body class in your CSS. Try separating the parts of the body class in two parts – one that contains the general look for both, body and html and another that contains only information about reducing/enlarging the text.
It should look something like this:
body, html {
*background and font parameters*
body {
*font-size parameter*
Hope this helped,
Drake Vivian

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