How to Convert XML to ICAL?

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Hello Techyv!

Can anyone please help me convert XML to ICAL? In particular, I want to convert Grindstone XML to Google ICAL data. Do you have any idea how to solve it? If so, please give time to share your knowledge and expertise. Any advise from you will be of great help to me. Do you think I need a third party softwares in order to convert the file? Please guide me.

Thanks in advance,

Alex Baker


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How to Convert XML to ICAL?


Hi Alex Baker

Here’s the Perl script: grindstone 2 ics txt (Save as .pl, not .txt) download it and use to convert your Grindstone XML files into iCal data. If you are on Windows with Active Perl installed, the batch file (.bat) that you can drag-and-drop your XML file onto. Place it in the same folder as “”: grindstone 2 ics bat

You can also use XML to CSV Converter this software can transfer data from one application to another. If your source produces only XML files and if the target system does not support XML, you must need to convert it as CSV. You can use a Batch file (.bat) to convert all XML files which are under one directory into an output folder.

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