Sun Java Web Server

Sun Java Web Server

By using Edraw Minp Map I received an error message which you can see at below however attempting to link to a server. It looks I received internal server error message or misconfiguration and not capable to link to a server. Someone has some suggestions how to resolve this issue?

Internal Server Error.
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I am not getting connected to the server. The following message occurs while I try to connect.

What should I do now?

I don’t know what it means?

Anybody have an idea please let me know.

Nie mozna ustanowic polaczenia z serwerem.


Nie mozna ustanowic polaczenia z serwerem.

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Anybody please help me on how to determine the location of a city using JavaScipt? What are the codes to use? Anybody here who can give me the correct order of codes to follow? Please reply. Thank you.

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Hi Experts,

Please suggest me how can I read xls file with JavaScript. Please send melink of the tutorial for read xls file with JavaScript. Thanks.  


Guy Blasi

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When accessing through dial up or broadband my computer gets a specific Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Can anyone use this IP to access the service on your system, such as a webpage hosted on your Personal Computer (PC) using a port?

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I created a new glossary but when I am trying to save it, an error message appeared on my screen. I have never experienced this kind of issue even if I am trying to use Question Bank. This error also directs me to the home page of my browsers stating about the three possibilities which I don’t think are related to this issue. Do you have any idea on how to resolve this issue? I can’t think of any resolution on this issue anymore and it bothers me a lot because I cannot access the Glossary Entry page anymore.


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I have been encountering an error message from the time I tried to get access to Symlink via Samba share.

The error message says:

“\mal-zethLIBRARYFiction is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to

find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied.

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What is the difference between Java 2 SDK software and JDK software?Did they differ in features? Please help. Thanks! 

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I have few softwares and games that I cannot uninstall with directly uninstall operation. If fact some of them do not have an uninstall program. So I need to manually uninstall them. But I do not know the process and I need to uninstall them so that I can make room for some necessary files.

Please help with this problem.

Robbie Lucas

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What is the function of internet protocol, how it can be traced and why it is identical ?

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