Internet Protocol and its application

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What is the function of internet protocol, how it can be traced and why it is identical ?

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Internet Protocol and its application



Internet Protocol, or IP, is that the technique that governs. However, computers share knowledge across the web. Once one pc sends knowledge, like associate email or an internet type, its message gets parsed into little packets that contain the causing computer's net address, the receiving computer's address, and a part of the message. IP serves many functions:
1. Addressing:
IP packet headers contain addresses that determine the causing pc and receiving pc. Routers use this info to guide every packet across communication networks and connect the causing and receiving computers.
2. Reassembly:
IP keeps track of the manner message between computers are broken into packets. Since most messages are too huge to suit in one packet, and since packets don't seem to be sent in any organized order, they need to be resembled as they reach the recipient. IP indicates, however, packets are resembled into a usable message.
3. Timeouts:
Each IP packet contains a suicidal counter who limits its period. If packets outlined period expires, the packet is destroyed so the web doesn't get overladen with broken packets wandering without aim.
4. Options:
IP includes ex gratia options like permitting the causing pc to come to a decision the trail its packets go forget to the receiving pc, to trace the trail they take or to incorporate adscititious security within the packets.
How to Trace IP?
1. Click on Start>Accessories>Command Prompt.
2. kind [URL] or Tracert [URL] example: PING
command prompt


3. The IPaddress seems beside the web site name. The format of the associate IP address is numeric, written as four numbers separated by periods. The format of the associate IP address is numeric, written as four numbers separated by periods.It's seventy one.238.34.104.milar.
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Internet Protocol and its application


Hello Zainr34,

An Internet Protocol is one of the communication protocols that made up the Internet protocol suites. It resides in the network layer of the suite and the primary function of IP is to deliver the data between devices that may be addressed on different networks.

IP addressing is very important in the manner by which each device in the network can deliver data. It defines a convention of addressing for the entire network and these addresses are used for the purpose of successful data delivery.

To successfully deliver the messages in the network, IP addressing is implemented. Each device has an IP address which is unique to each other, and because of this recipients of data can easily be located. The IP address is 32 bits grouped into 8 bits at a time. Each 8 bits are separated by dots and is represented in decimal format. An example of IP address is IP addressing provides a structure on how they should be facilitated over the network, the routing of data and how it should be handled.

Prior to transmission, IP encapsulates the data to be transferred within a message to ensure that it will be received properly on the endpoint. This is known as IP Packet and you can refer to the link for the format.

Once encapsulation is done it is now passed to the data link layer ready for transmission. IP also has the ability to fragment large chunks of data sent between the network layer and the data layer. The reason for this is that there are cases wherein the maximum size of each data link or physical network. In fragmentation, IP data are fragmented into pieces so they can easily be carried out on the local network. The reassembly of these fragmented data is to recreated the original IP data is done on the receiving device.

How to trace IP?

There are some tools and commands that are used. But the ones I like the best is the command 'tracert'.

You can try it in your command line by writing: tracert

Aside from the fact that it traces or determines the IP address of your target, it also provides the path or hobs (gateways or routers) traversed by the packets across your network before it can reach the final destination (

Why it is identical?

As mentioned earlier, IP address is standard and it is made up of 32bits, grouped by 8 bits at a time, separated by comma and represented in decimal.

IP address looks the same because most of it might belong to the same network or class. IP Address supports five classes which are categorized as A, B, C, D and E. A, B and C are used for commercial purposes. For example, the first octet which is 184 falls between 128 and 191 therefore it is in class B. So if you see another IP like, the first octet are similar that’s because they belong to the same class.

A table of IP Address classes can be found here for your reference.

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Internet Protocol and its application



Internet Protocol, abbreviated as IP is a set of rules governing any network. Governs how data is shared across a network.

The main functions of internet protocol include the following: Addressing, Fragmentation and Reassembly Routing/Indirect Delivery, Data Encapsulation and Formatting/Packaging.


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