Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux

I have a problem with a boot loader, my Linux OS is not booting, and I lost my Linux to access.

I found the problem that when I install Windows it killed my Linux OS, anyone can help me out?

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I want to assign  security to my system that allow only one user  by ssh login who has specific IP address and others should be denied,

How can I do that?

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I can not access my file  from Linux PC, how to share folder from RHEL,

How can I access files & folder from Linux OS?

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I always forget the port number of FTP or SSH server, is there any command that I can see the port number anytime?

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I have got a problem that I cannot see my fat partition in my windows OS.

I format the disc makfs.vfat command; in Linux OS it is working well, so what I suppose to do now?

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How can I make sure that my data safe and redundant backup in Linux system?

Is there in any feature in Red Hat Linux?

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I have one samba server where I need some restriction regarding disc space for individuals?

I don’t want give them more then 1GB of space each person, so what will be solution?

Can you help me out?

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I installed Red Hat Linux in my computer but I cannot access Internet from my computer, I have set IP address on it also? Is there any mistake that I made or did not configure any stuff?  Any one can help me please!

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I want to make a schedule of data backup for my system. Is there any tools that I can use for them in Red Hat Linux?

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I want to see how much memory is using for each process in my PC.

Is there any one can help me?

I need to see how much memory is using for each process.

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